Story Boarding and Project Definition

wireframes story boarding

Do clinicians and project stakeholders ever really have time to scrutinise a technical spec in detail? Even if they do, is a technical spec the best way to seek agreement on an application’s design? Because of our experience working with clinicians, we take an ‘Agile’ approach when it comes to defining and agreeing the design of a healthcare application. We’ve found that by placing more emphasis on creating detailed interactive mock-ups of the finished front end, clinicians are able to ‘play around’ with an interactive version of the application without the complex backend definition. This helps determine if it really fits the requirement without committing valuable resources before the development stage. We create an initial wireframe version on day one and then go through an iterative cycle of workshops, wireframe releases and revisions of the wireframe mock-up until a final working version is agreed. It’s way better to make changes at this stage than when you’re knee deep in code.