Loving the laundry – Ecover a review

I have piles…and I mean laundry piles before I get an interesting comments? There are six of us in the house and the laundry fairy strangely doesn’t work when I’m not about. I swear my children think that there is such a thing as they just use the clean stuff and chuck it in a pile when it is dirty. Anyway, I love things that make life easy, 30 minute washes are my saving grace when most of the stuff is just worn a couple of times and isn’t really dirty. Another saving grace is a good washing powder or detergent, I wasn’t lucky enough to get a free sample of the Ecover with the most recent Britmums challenge but I thought I would join in and see what all the fuss is about, so I popped to the shop and bought some.

I do my laundry daily, generally I split the washes into whites, coloureds and dark’s. I quite enjoy doing laundry. In the summer my clothes air dry and in the winter I have some airers upstairs. I do have a dryer which I reserve for desperate measures, solely because of the cost of using it. I need a detergent that will work first time and not take colour out of my coloureds but equally get my whites white. I love that Ecover is not harsh on the children’s skin and it has a nice smell to it as well, it also goes a long way. This was my first experience of using Ecover, I have always stuck to the big brand names but we enjoyed using it and would definitely recommend it. I was surprised it worked as well as it did, I guess I am used to environmentally friendly products being more of a compromise but this wasn’t. Here is my daughter showing everyone how simple it is to get the job done. Take the challenge too and see what you think of Ecover!

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