My Geek box unboxing

My son had no idea what to ask for for Christmas, he wants a trampoline but at the moment they don’t have the right size in stock. We had read some reviews on subscription boxes and he is a real fan of general geekiness so I said I would do a 6-month subscription as part of his present. We weren’t too sure which one to go for as there are quite a few out there, initially he was keen on Loot Crate but then we realised it is an American product and we really wanted something UK based as I always seem to get charged extra duty, regardless of the price of the item! Anyway, we haven’t been disappointed – we got the first box just before Christmas; with the second one arriving yesterday. He was super excited to see it when he got home from school, but I was cruel and made him wait until I could film him opening it for a review on here.



Well, the result? He loved it, he has recently taken up free running so the t-shirt definitely hit the spot, the Captain America¬†book looks ace, and co-incidentally we were watching the movie tonight so he will enjoy looking at that tomorrow, and he is over the moon with the other bits that also came in the box. It has been a total hit, in his words ‘I can’t wait for next month’s box’.