Top 5 top TV dads!

Wow, Samsung are running a fabulous competition to win a Samsung SUHD TV, now I know nothing about gadgetry but the hubby does, and boy does he love his tech. We currently have a Samsung telly on the wall so I am guessing he would be totally made up if I won this prize for him. Anyway, if you also want to enter the competition link is here, but make sure you enter by 21st June to stand a chance of winning this awesome prize. All you have to do is have some fun naming your top 5 TV dads, then weet your post to @CurrysPCWorld on Twitter using the hashtag #topTVdads to confirm your entry. This was actually quite tricky for me as I don’t watch a great deal of TV, I have perhaps picked some alternative dads!



1. Frank Spencer & Jessica (1973)

Oh my he came to mind as soon as I mulled the question over, he is funny and totally bonkers, adding a baby in the mix was hilarious. I just love the episode where the baby arrives. He drives her to the hospital in the car and on the top is the pram, so funny even now. Lots of innuendos and misunderstandings. Brilliant fun!

Occupation – DIY fanatic

Children – Jessica

Best dad moment – Getting the pram to the hospital on the top of the car! Lets hope he takes more care of the baby!

Ideal fathers day gift – A DIY SOS video for all those repairs!

2. Walter White (2013)

What a great program, he knows his chemistry (always impressive) and is very protective of his children. I love the contrast of his role in the program, a dad that does good for his own children but equally is supplying an underground illegal trade in hard drugs. An excellent character and brilliantly put together program, which makes you ask questions about how you far you would go to provide for your own children given the problems he has faced.

Occupation – Chemist and drug manufacturer

Children – Flynn & baby Holly

Best dad moment – Putting money into a trust fund for his son

Ideal fathers day gift – A chemistry kit!



3/ Hugh Dennis as Pete in Outnumbered (2012)

This has to be one of the best sitcoms ever made. The dad is long suffering and in fact I think this gets funnier the older the children get, I think we have seen all of the episodes aired of this and have re-watched them too. The acting is brilliant and the children are especially good. I think my hubby can identify with this as we have four children and our eldest is like Ben, he was always asking questions at awkward moments too!

Occupation – School Teacher

Children – Ben, Karen and Jake

Best dad moment – Explaining rude words to Karen when she hears them rowing one night

Ideal fathers day gift – A day off!


4/ Dexter Morgan in Dexter (2006-2013)

What an amazing series. We watched it back to back in this house. Dexter was an unwilling dad, fearful of passing on his willingness to take life. But anyone who has watched Dexter has also seen the caring side to his character. He adores his kids, even his step-kids. His character is a real vigilante, happy to ‘take out the trash’ on people that the police department can’t or won’t deal with. A great watch that has you totally drawn into the characters from early on.


Occupation – Blood spatter analysist

Children – Astor, Cody & baby Harrison

Best dad moment – Hiding who he really is from his children

Ideal fathers day gift – Bin liners and bleach!




5/ Eugene Levy, the dad from American Pie (1999)

A fun one to end with – I just adore his character. The actor, who played Jim’s father in the film, he became as massive success as his character offered his son explicit and unwanted advice about his love life,  his sex education chats with his son are 1st rate comedy gold. He was named the most embarrassing on-screen father in a recent poll but I just love him, how excellent would it be to have a dad so open and honest about life!

Occupation – Embarrassing dad

Children – Jim

Best dad moment – The unwanted sex education tips

Ideal fathers day gift – Beat him at his own game – The Karma Sutra!


So that’s it, my top 5 TV Dads; a real mixed bag of actors, but full of laughs.

This post is an entry a blogging competition to win a 48″ Samsung television worth £1800 with Currys PC World

My children’s daddy

I got my two girls to write down what they love about their dad, with funny results! Here is Charlotte (age 12) and Eleanor (age 7) with the results.




‘You’re All-Included’ – First Choice Blogger Competition’

When I saw that First Choice were running a bloggers competition I felt I just had to enter. If you also want to enter the link is here, but hurry it closes at midnight on the 5th June! The winners will feature on the First Choice travel blog and 5 lucky bloggers will take away an iPad for their efforts.


Now, we love our holidays, but the main issue we have always encountered is that there are 6 of us. Me, the hubby and Matthew (14), Charlotte (12 yesterday), William (9) and Eleanor (age 7) which always makes accommodation in hotels tricky to say the least. Often hotels say we have to have one adult in each room which doesn’t exactly make for a nice get away for me and the hubby. So generally we go the camping route, but this year now the children are a bit older and more responsible we decided to experience an all-inclusive holiday for the first time this year. Several friends recommended it, but I have always been a bit put off with the idea you don’t need to travel outside of the holiday park. But I need not have worried as there was plenty to do both inside and outside of the site. When it came to accommodating all of us we popped the children in one room and us in the other. We were just a few doors apart from each other and the children loved the responsibility of having their own key card and own room (even if we did have a couple of panics about where the card was!)

We have been quite a few locations in Europe and didn’t want to spend a fortune so we opted for Turkey. None of us had ever travelled there before so it was a new experience for all of us. The children experienced a mud bath, a boat trip along the Dalyan River, a trip to the Jesus Beach, seeing the Carian rock tombs, a chocolate spa at the hotel, horse riding and a 4×4 experience. But I think if you ask them what they loved best it would be the food!

Our hotel was brilliant – we stayed at The Green Nature Resort and Spa hotel. It was clean and comfortable, but did I mention the food – it was amazing! Best of all I didn’t have to cook or clean up for the whole week. As well as serving typically English food (chips) they served a range of amazing local meals, some of which we never quite discovered what they were! The food was cooked in front of you, in fact I took some photos of the chefs who seemed to enjoy attracting an audience for their tossing and frying of food.


We ate outdoors when the weather was warm and indoors if it was cooler, and there was great choice even for breakfast the whole counters were brimming with different choices.


My youngest Eleanor fell in love with the chocolate puddings; I actually think they couldn’t keep up with demand. By the end of the week though the children were getting adventurous and trying lots of new local foods including fish and meat we had never heard of before. Her she is lining up her puddings!

We had beautiful views, a lush swimming pool on site, a spa in the hotel, shows and children’s entertainment in the evening, great friendly service and best of all we didn’t have to worry about the cost (or the clearing up). With the amount the children ate and drank we certainly got great value for money.


So we had a fabulous holiday in Turkey, made even more brilliant by being all-inclusive. We didn’t have to attempt to find a restaurant that suited everyone, and other than our day trips out we ate every meal at the hotel. A big heart from all of us for all-inclusive holidays! The children tried local food and things they had never seen before which they just wouldn’t have done otherwise. Another bonus was that you could always get drinks and best of all a cup of tea was available anytime!



11354702_10204612741945204_596616918_nThis is Slummy Mummy’s entry for First Choice bloggers all-inclusive holiday competition.