Photoblogging challenge with Thomas Cook Travel


When I saw that Thomas Cook were running such a superb competition to win a £5000 travel voucher I just had to enter. If you want to enter too all you have to do is write a blog post and include your own images representing one of the four elements, or a few of them, or maybe all of them. A link to the competition details are here, just write your entry and include the hashtag #ExploreTheElements and nominate 5 other bloggers who also might like to enter. The important T&C’s of entry can be found here.

As you all know I am a keen photographer, I’m rarely seen without a camera; and in fact when I had my children as babies I was more likely to have a camera in my bag than a spare nappy. Anyway, those days are definitely in the past and my youngest is now 7 and my eldest 14. I still love to photograph so I just had to have a ‘shot’ at this competition.




It had to be my self-portrait of outward spirit that I chose for this entry. It is my only self portrait entered, I enjoy self portraits as it makes you think about the character you wish to portray. Anyway, I love pyrotechnics and this seemed like a relevant photo to enter. It was done on a tripod with self-timer, so I had time to place myself within the frame correctly. I am both fascinated and scared by fire, a certain level of fear is always good!



I drove past this in the car and I reversed up to take another look, the only camera I had with me was my iPhone so this is taken on an iPhone but I just love it. I am seriously into 1940’s history and reenactment and to be it feels quite relevant to post this as it is the WW1 Centenary is now here. It is incredibly important to remember the significance of the poppy to veterans and families of those who didn’t come back. I saw this scene as I was driving home, it was such a nice day and landscape I got all the children out of the car to appreciate it too. I’m not sure they did, they were all moaning at me for getting them out. But I loved the resulting photo and what it represents.




For the water entry it was an easy chose. I love Lyme Regis, so this photo of my children playing in the distance had to form my entry for the water category. I love the challenge of photographing water and the choices you can make when shooting it give such different results. Long exposures make the water glass-like and atmospheric, short exposures freeze droplets unable to be seen by the human eye. This was taken on my father-in-laws infrared camera with a super wide angled lens it really gives stunning saturation and a slight colour shift to the scene.




To represent air I chose a photograph I took of a friend flying a Harvard over Cambridgeshire. Flying to me is still an amazing feat, I was simply buzzing after doing this shoot, it was incredible, the scenery was amazing as we flew over local landmarks. I love the freedom associated with it, the ability to travel and see new sights.



As part of this challenge I have to nominate 5 other bloggers who might like an opportunity to take part, these are :-

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Of course Terms and Conditions do apply, more about the competition can be found here. Good Luck!