Don’t smoke, don’t drink, what do you do!

I’m just loving the new competition I have found from Bobatoo – its all about bad habits. Bobatoo offer insurances of all kinds which are so important when the unexpected happens.

When I saw the post it reminded me of my 1980’s youth, and Adam Ant’s song, I was well behaved; in fact too well behaved. I came from a nice part of the village, had well mannered friends and was an only child. I wasn’t a wild child under anyone’s terms. I now kind of regret my ‘misspent youth’; while my friends were partying I was having early nights with a book, while my friends went to university I was working. On the upside and as a consequence of my virtuous youth I didn’t gain the usual bad habits of drinking or smoking, I wouldn’t know a drug if I saw it or smelt it (although I am currently being educated by season 2 of ‘breaking bad’) – so when this competition mentioned habits the usual ones didn’t come to my mind. I don’t even go to Costa for expensive coffee or hanker after expensive shoes like most girls!

Bad habit #1 – diet cola

photoDespite everyone telling me its bad for me I am still hooked, I don’t drink masses of the stuff but I do like a can (ok, pint) if I am out. I guess it’s not as bad as most habits but I would say it is my downfall and my only source of caffeine as I don’t like coffee, I reason it through that as I don’t have coffee it’s not so bad. However, I have rubbish teeth; I mean they look good but are just not very strong. I always end up with having fillings done when everyone else gets a ‘see you in 6 months’. I have tried to cut down but just love the stuff, I have even alternated with water when I go out, I have found this is by far the best method of reducing my intake! But honestly when I see my friends getting drunk I am quite glad that I never found my alcoholic poison but found diet cola instead!





Bad habit #2 – dresses

With me it’s not shoes; it’s dresses. I took up dancing almost a year ago and have finally found my thing. I love doing circuits at the local gym, but I have to admit wearing ‘sportswear’ isn’t my thing. I love to dress up in 1940’s wear, I love all things swing. I love being glamorous (well, trying anyway) so I buy dresses. I have a wardrobe busting at the seams, I cleared it out about a year ago with a friend and its now back to the same state, I don’t spend a lot of money on them, I tend to buy second hand, eBay or from charity shops. I haven’t tried to curtail my habit but instead have tried to sell some of my old stuff, and the children’s old stuff to fund my addiction. I currently have a healthy balance on eBay so yesterday I bought myself a couple of dresses from China.

IMG_2872aLeft – My latest dress purchase – a Betty Page dress second hand from America, I got loads of great comments about it! IMG_1527 (Large)

Right – Me and my children at one of my first 1940’s events






Bad habit #3 – always carrying a camera

It might not sound like a bad habit but when it means that you carry a camera instead of something important it probably is pretty bad. I was known at baby group for always having my camera; usually in place of a spare change of clothing for my child or even a nappy. In fact quite a few times I have had to buy emergency packs of nappies when I have gone to the park as I have been without any. I never had a changing bag in the conventional sense, just a camera bag! This has been solved by the children getting older and not needing changes of clothes – good solution; I still have my camera but no longer need anything else!



Bad habit #4 – loosing stuff

This one is a biggie. I am always losing my purse, keys and my phone, well, not loosing just misplacing (maybe I need insurance!). With a busy household with 6 of us coming and going, often stuff gets put on top of them. I have recently bought a bag (I don’t really like handbags) that I keep my bits together in and for dancing I actually have a small carryon suitcase to keep everything together. I think the solution is to be more organised with my things, I think as the children get older they will help me look too, maybe not the best solution but as good as it gets at the moment!



This post is my entry into the Bad Habits blog competition.