BritMums and McVitie’s BN biscuits are running another fabulous competiton to win £100 worth of shopping vouchers, and all us bloggers need to do is eat biscuits (very hard work) blog about them with #sweeet hashtag sharing our tips for surviving the holidays with the children. Well, aphoto (4)s you might know I have four children under 13. Matthew is 13, Charlotte is 11, William is 9 and Eleanor is 6, I would say it becomes harphotoder once the eldest reaches those teenage years, as they no longer find the fun in going to ball pits and having picnics in the park as there is always one saying they don’t want to go. My top tip is at the very beginning of the holidays give your children a sheet of paper and get them to write down what they want to achieve over the school holidays, these can be as different as learn a new skill to going to a certain event. Charlotte’s (age 11) list this year included having a waterfight, going to a water park, having a sleepover, going roller skating, swimming in an open air pool, walking to the park with friends, getting the cats lion cut, and going to a trampoline park. William (age 9) wrote down several similar things but also included learning how to do some basic programming before he begins middle school, flying a kite on the heath, and reading some of his new books. Eleanor (age 6) wanted to spend time in the garden, get the outdoor paddling pool set up and to learn her times tables. photocrumbsa Above – My daughter spent an hour taking the photos for this collage, which she loved doing – a brilliant rainy day activity which meant she needed to eat the biscuit too! Below – Here are some images we have taken so far this summer popped into a flipogram. When we go out for our days out we nearly always pack up a picnic as buying food out always works out expensive for a large family. We have been taking the BN’s with us as the children just love them. In fact we have now discovered the mini’s which are very handy to pop in your bag as a handy sized treat instead of buying sweets. The children tried both flavours (and shush, so did I) and all of us agree that the chocolate is just yummy. We have since then had to add them to the weekly shopping list! So thanks McVities for giving us the opportunity to try your biscuits, learning how to use flipogram and potentially win some money in a competition! This post is an entry for 42 Days of Summer Linky Challenge sponsored by McVities BN