Shake it and make it!

I love a craft activity and several competitions just recently have asked you to think of a novel way to recycle plastics, one of our most fun ways was to make cheerleading pompoms from old plastic bags. When you look at normal pompoms all they are made of are strips of plastic – we have managed to get this effect with a few plastic bags and an elastic bag, providing some making fun as well as some playtime for the girls too.. Here is what we did…



1. We laid a few bags together, add a few colourful ones if you have them

2. Cut off the bottom edge

3. Cut off the sides

4. Cut the bags into strips

5. Place the strips together

6. Gather them together with a hair band or elastic band


Tie the bags in the centre and once you have knotted them together thread through a piece of the handle that was cut off earlier, this makes the wrist band. It is really easy to do and a great afternoon activity, my girls spent the rest of the afternoon making up a routine with them to some music!



Great fun!