Phota Your Mota

Phota Your Mota

Moneysupermarket have done it again, they are running another brilliant competition.  They are offering £1,000 towards car insurance and other running costs, and four runners up prizes of iPad mini’s, all you need to do is write a blog post which includes your photo and explains why you like the car and why you like the picture.  The wittier and more interesting the better!


I chose to write about my friend’s BMW which I took some photos of the other day for them, it is such a dream car for me and an everso slight upgrade on my 53 reg Espace! But it would be so unsuitable for our family at the moment as we have four young children, so for a start we couldn’t even fit in! I decided to do a little rhyme about it….


Oh how I wish I could afford a new motor,

Mines old and really gone over its quota


Its old and clunky, and not at all funky

I’d love a Beema you see, its so dashing and me,

Its shiny and fast, and hopefully built to last


It’s as quite as a mouse as it cruises the road

Not a warning light in sight, no error code


Its sleek, dark and fast

And such a massive contrast, to my old beat up 7-seater

I dream of being like Jason Statham, fast furious and full of action

In cool movies driving round; being the latest attraction


The problem I have is i need lots of space

As I’ve four kiddies to place


From wrappers, car seats and general trash

My car is a moving food cashe

For McDonald’s, KFC and fast food

A moving restaurant I have to conclude


But I keep dreaming and hoping, our old car seems to be coping

With school runs and days out, it’s useful beyond doubt


But I’d still love to upgrade to my dream car

In the meantime a beema is one step to far


Maybe when the children leave home

I buy my dream car, and two seats would suffice

with my hubby as a willing accomplice


Well, maybe one day I can be lead astray…..


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