Hi there! I’mĀ Anna, I live in sunny Hertfordshire and have 4 children, and a menagerieĀ of pets. I love photography, I mostly shoot social photography but I love all aspects of it. Recently I have dabbled with aviation photography and really enjoyed it. I have a busy life, but in-between working I also love to dance. I dance mostly lindy hop, but also love balboa, blues, and this year I have started attempting to learn shag. That won’t mean much to most of you but it means a lot of laughs for me (especially when I go wrong!)


…So what is the blog about:

Well I also love competitions, writing and generally having a go at anything. I decided to set up the blog when I saw a competition required me to write a blog entry. I didn’t win, and to be honest there are much better bloggers out there than me, who put some serious time and effort into reviewing products and services.

That is also on my ‘to do’ list, to review things and improve my writing skills.

So anyway, enough waffle from me, come on this way…

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