Laura Dakers – 21st August 2016

When my (now husband) asked me 8 years ago to be his girlfriend, he gave me a diamond platinum ring! After 8 years the ring became too small and slightly outdated and sadly sat in my jewellery box. When he asked me to marry him I thought I would ask rojer if it would be possible to make my wedding ring from it, and I was delighted when he said held be able to! The wedding ring needed to be shaped to my engagement ring, and the original style I wanted, although rojer made it to my specific wishes first in silver, it just didn’t really float my boat! No questions asked rojer made me another style and I absolutely loved it! I felt so bad that I changed my mind but he was so understanding! He also made my husbands ring! We couldn’t have asked for better service and we are absolutely in love with our rings! My ring not only represents our future together as man and wife, but it is so special as it also symbolises our whole journey together from the very beginning! Thank you so much rojer for making us the most perfect rings!! Can’t wait till the hubby gets me my matching eternity ring!!! Would recommend you to anyone!!!

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